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Sights of Dortmund
We offer you to evaluate our article about the sights of a major tourist center, an important industrial center and just the beautiful German city of Dortmund. We picked up…

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Edinburgh Attractions
Edinburgh is the second most visited city in the UK. Every year more than 13 million tourists from all over the world come here. The convenient location of the city,…

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Reykjavik Attractions
Reykjavik is the capital and main cultural center of Iceland. The rich history and unique culture resulted in beautiful architecture and unusual sights, which we will tell you about today.…

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Sights of Paris

Probably, even any schoolboy will answer the question with which he associates Paris. Everyone knows that the symbols and the visiting card of the capital of France are the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre and the Champs Elysees. Each landmark in Paris has its own history, its own fate.

Landmark of Paris – Notre Dame
One of the famous sights, which is often mentioned in prose and poems, is Notre Dame de Paris. It began to be built in 1163, when Louis 7 of France ruled. The construction of the nave was completed by about 1196, and continued to complete the construction of the cathedral during this period only on the main facade. The main altar of the cathedral was consecrated in 1182, construction of the rear pediment began in 1200, and in 1250 the building was built. Interior decoration, as a separate type of work on the decor was completed by 1315. The construction of the towers was completed only in 1245, and the entire cathedral was already built in 1345. Continue reading

Sights of Sydney

The capital of the most remote state that is located in the Pacific Ocean and occupies the entire continent – this is Sydney, Australia. The country is famous for its coral Great Barrier Reef, a real miracle of nature, which has become a tourist center, and also surprises with its unusual color mountain peak Ayers Rock. Here, a rare and magnificent wildlife and beautiful nature are successfully combined with developed megacities, and natural attractions – with urbanization. One of these cities can be considered and Sydney.

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Sights of Bavaria

Castle Novanstein – a popular attraction in BavariaBavaria is rich in its attractions. Each of them can tell a lot about the history of the country, and about its present. Far from major settlements where the tourist routes pass, is one of the attractions – Novanstein Castle. Today it is open to tourists. A visit to this Bavarian landmark is possible with two travel programs to choose from. It is possible to visit only Novanstein, or to become a guest of two neighboring Hohenschwangau castles, built by the father of Ludwig.

A beautiful view of the Alps mountains and valleys opens from the windows of the castle of Nantstein – the famous landmark of Bavaria. Tourists can visit the castles and walk through the historic center of the city of Fussen. Translated from German Novanstein means “new swan stone.” This landmark of Bavaria was built in the 19th century. In the year more than a million tourists visit the castle. Continue reading

Travel to Los Angeles

The year before that, I began to issue a H2B work visa in a fairly serious organization that has been successfully engaged in this business since the early 90s. I went to the company on the recommendation of my neighbor, who told me a lot about her, shared her impressions of her female classmates, who had already been in the USA, and showed their photos in America. However, the more time passed, the clearer it became that there were problems with the paperwork to leave, even a letter came from the receiving party in Cleveland, where there were affirmative seals, but in the end the visa was not given. Until now, we can not pull out their money from there to the end. Continue reading

Sights of Georgia

Georgia is a country of mountains and the sun, beautiful wine and hospitable people. In Georgian, the name of the country Georgia sounds like Sakartvelo and this country has something to be proud of. After all, there are a lot of sights in it. These include not only architecture, but also natural monuments, and the mentality and originality of Georgians themselves can also be called a landmark.

Vardzia – the history of Georgia
The cave monastery complex Vardzia is a famous historical monument and landmark in Georgia. It was built in the 12th century in the Samtskhe-Javakheti region. Continue reading

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