Sights of Lima
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Sights of Bavaria
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Sights of Dresden
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Sights of Dortmund

We offer you to evaluate our article about the sights of a major tourist center, an important industrial center and just the beautiful German city of Dortmund. We picked up those tourist places that are sure to be interesting to the tourist. In addition to traditional attractions, you are also presented with other decent places that tourists rarely visit.

Westfalenpark is a worthy sight of Dortmund

Westfalenpark is a first-class park with all possible amenities for tourists and locals. On summer days, especially on the weekend, there are amazing cultural festivals and large-scale concerts of famous performers. Westfalenpark is not just a landmark, it is a place without which Dortmund cannot be imagined. For some reason, this park is very fond of locals, calling it a place of rest for the soul!

The old town hall is a tribute to traditions. Dortmund
The old town hall is one of those architectural masterpieces that speak for themselves. Memo for many centuries is a popular tourist center, gathering crowds of tourists around it. It was built in the 19th century (which is not so long by German standards). The Old Town Hall looks very attractive and attracts tourists to be photographed against its background.

Christmas Fair – shopping, shopping and shopping in Dortmund again!

Christmas Market is one of the seasonal attractions of the city. The fact is that in the pre-Christmas period (a month and a half) the fair becomes the main gathering place for tourists, locals, guests from the suburbs and other cities. Christmas fair on the main square of Dortmund is fascinating for its discounts, variety of goods, souvenirs and many other “tasty” things for the tourist. If you travel here, drop by the fair, you will not regret!

Brewery Museum – the pride of Dortmund
This landmark is famous throughout Germany for its beer traditions and centuries-old history. In Dortmund, beer began to be brewed at the end of the 13th century. Since then, proud brewers have managed to achieve unprecedented success not only in the country, but far beyond its borders. The Museum of Brewing brought together all the achievements and technological features of Dortmund brewing in one place. For many years, it is open to all who want to learn the secrets of cooking delicious beer.

Signal Iduna Park – Dortmund Football Landmark
The football stadium Signal Iduna Park, or Westfalenstadion as it is known in the old manner, is famous for great victories and large-scale events. The stadium is the largest and most spacious in all of Germany. At the same time almost 81 thousand people can attend football action! Signal Iduna Park is the home arena of the legendary Borussia Dortmund Club – a multiple champion and winner of the German Cup, as well as the winner of the European Champions Cup! For football fans, sightseeing is a must-see.

Reinoldikirche and Marienkirche – the spiritual center of Dortmund
The history of this beautiful Gothic church goes far back to the times of the High Middle Ages, namely the XIII century from the birth of Christ. The landmark is often called “The Miracle of Westphalia”, and this is true: perfectly preserved architecture and unique pieces of religious art will make you look at Reinoldikirche and Marienkirche not only as a boring church. Even so, think about how many architectural masterpieces of the thirteenth century saw? That’s the same thing. 🙂

Industrial Museum Zollern. Dortmund
This sights will delight anyone who is interested in the history of the city. It is known that Dortmund is a large industrial center of Germany, so the museums here are special. Zollern is one of these atypical places where, instead of boring viewing of glazed exhibits, you will be led underground into a former mine, and you will be told about the economical foundations and industrial development of Dortmund step by step.

Attraction Westenhellweg – a paradise for the tourist!
The Westenhellweg is Dortmund’s main tourist destination. During the holiday season you can see crowds of tourists from around the world. They all came here to feel its modern breath and enjoy all the joys of a noisy city. Westenhellweg is the place where it is best to go shopping, visit a restaurant or bar, and just drink coffee, looking at the “tourist anthill” around you.

Museum of Art and Culture – Dortmund Landmark
The Museum of Art and Culture can be called the best museum of the city and the entire Ruhr area. Here is a huge permanent collection of amazing historical exhibits of culture and art. A variety of collections of graphics, architecture, archeology, technology and social history will be able to satisfy the tastes of any tourist.

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