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Sights Dubai

Want to see the sights of the most expensive and futuristic city in the world? Then you are at! We present you a selection of the best architectural masterpieces of Dubai. You will learn all the interesting facts and data about this amazing city in our article.

Burj Khalifa – the pride of Dubai
Burj Khalifa is a unique, self-sufficient sight, a real pearl of Dubai. This amazing structure is the tallest in the world! Its height is 828 m (163 floors). In its form, the Burj Khalifa resembles a stalagmite and simply fascinates those who first saw this beauty. It simply does not invest in the head, how many different structures and complexes are located in the building itself. There are offices, hotels, gyms, apartments, as well as shopping centers, swimming pools, restaurants and even lawns, parks and boulevards! It can be called a self-sufficient, independent city in Dubai.

It is interesting to know that $ 1.5 billion was spent on the construction of this miracle, 12,000 workers were involved, and the construction itself took place on the 1st floor in a week!

Burj Al Arab – Dubai landmark
This architectural masterpiece is the main symbol of the city, its image and pride. The height of the monument is 321 m (66 floors), which makes it the highest hotel in the world! In addition, Burj Al Arab is the most photographed landmark in the world! The building stands on an artificial island 280 meters from the shore in the Persian Gulf. There is a luxurious bar, an underwater restaurant, an outdoor tennis court and the main feature – 7-star hotel rooms. According to opinion polls, Burj Al-Arab is the most famous landmark in Dubai.

Gold Market – Dubai’s Precious Memo
The gold market is located in the heart of the Deira business center. There are hundreds of small stalls selling gold from many countries around the world, from small bars to silver jewelry, precious stones and pearls. According to expert estimates, there are always more than 10 tons of gold on the market! Every tourist will be able to find something for himself at a small price.

Palm Island Landmark – 8 Wonder of the World in Dubai
Palm Islands is one of the most ambitious building projects in the world. Many call it the most amazing and ambitious project of humanity after the Great Wall of China. In part, this is true, because the Palm Islands are also visible from space! On the territory of this artificial attraction are expensive themed hotels, villas, residential buildings, beaches, marinas, restaurants, and many retail outlets. However, the greatest interest among tourists is a 5-star hotel in aquastyle.

Bastakiya – the story of Dubai
Bastakia is a district of the city that has managed to preserve its original appearance. Here you will find many old buildings and feel the spirit of the Arabian land. Bastakia is so contrasted with the rest of the city that it will seem even more beautiful to you, because the traditional architecture looks very dignified against the background of futuristic Dubai. Do not forget to enter Bastakia in your tour of the monuments of the city.

Wild Wadi Water Park – Dubai Family Attraction
Perhaps this park is one of the best places for recreation for tourists with children. Wild Wadi is a huge water playground and a large water park! A feature of the park is a unique opportunity to see the sights, while being right in the water. Various water attractions will not let you or your children be bored. Be sure to check out this amazing water park.

Other sights of Dubai
Dubai Mall – the largest shopping center in the world! Here you can not only find a lot of interesting things, but also visit a luxurious aquarium. Children will love it here.

Jumeirah is one of the few publicly available mosques in the city. Locals consider the shrine one of the most important monuments of Dubai. The traditional painting and interior are impressive for their beauty and luxury.

Dubai Museum – one of those attractions that will appeal to almost any tourist. Here you can find unique collections of ancient weapons, military attire and archaeological excavations. You will absolutely love it.

Jumeirah Beach is the most famous beach in Dubai. It stretches for 7 km and is conditionally divided into 7 small beaches. Tourists simply adore him not only at affordable prices, but also for excellent service.

Rest and Excursions in Dubai
Experienced tourists know that the city is historically divided into two main parts – Deira and Bar-Dubai. The reason for this is the century-long development of the city as the largest trading port between Iran and India. We advise you to take a cruise around the bay and see the sights of the city. Tourists like it a lot, because from this angle, Dubai’s architectural masterpieces look even more beautiful.

Safaris are also an attraction!
Desert Safaris – one of the most visited and famous entertainment in Dubai. Safari tours allow tourists to take part in races right in the heart of the desert.

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