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Sights of Vilnius

Vilnius is famous for its chic baroque sights, but the most popular monuments are cathedrals and temples. The city also boasts its quiet, narrow streets and the unique atmosphere of the Middle Ages. The history of each street is overgrown with its legends and tales, which are very fond of curious tourists.

Gediminas Castle – the glorious landmark of Vilnius
Gediminas Castle is one of those buildings that have come down to us since the construction of the city itself. As early as the 13th century, it served as a defensive bastion and a prison, and now serves as the main attraction and center of Lithuanian tourism. The castle houses the Vilnius Themed Historical Museum and many archaeological finds. Gediminas Castle will be of interest to anyone who is interested in the past of this small country.

Cathedral. Vilnius
The cathedral is the main attraction of the central square of the Old Town. The cathedral is very popular and is the most recognizable in the city. Over the long centuries of existence, the memo has experienced many complex and even tragic events, including numerous fires and devastating hurricanes.

Vilnius Cathedral resembles a classic Greek temple, however, this is only a tribute to the past images of sightseeing. The interior of the monument fully corresponds to the status of the cathedral: there are many works of art here, including traditional icons, frescoes and paintings of the XVI — XIX centuries. Exhibits of the pagan period can be found in a special museum at the cathedral.

European Park – a natural landmark of Vilnius

Not far from the city center there is a wonderful green zone European Park. Here they like to create local artists, who often hold exhibitions and themed exhibitions. Also in the park there are many interesting sculptures that correctly fit into the natural landscape and create the impression of the presence of “forest spirit”. This can not fail to appeal to tourists who are enthusiastically photographed against the backdrop of sculptural heroes.

On the territory of the sights there is a small office, restaurant, shop and post office. Most of all, tourists like to go on a picnic with the whole family or simply enjoy harmony with nature and the singing of forest birds.

Ausros Gate – the history of Vilnius
This landmark is the only defensive wall of Vilnius, which has reached our days. The gate itself is a large 3-story Renaissance building, but crowds of tourists gather here for the main shrine of Vilnius – the miraculous icon of the Mother of God. All that is known about her is that which was created by an unknown artist of the 17th century. Do not forget to visit this famous memo.

Church of the Holy Spirit. The luxury and wealth of Vilnius

This is a rather modest and undistinguished landmark of the late Baroque that will amaze with the magnificence of its interior almost any tourist. For hundreds of years of their ownership, the monks of the Dominican Order managed to transform an ordinary church into a stunning architectural masterpiece of Vilnius. For everyone who wants to get a dose of adrenaline, there are special tours of underground burials of the XVII century. Be sure to visit the Church of the Holy Spirit (at least its elevated part :)).

Vilnius Landmark – Bernardine Church
This architectural monument is not just another item on your tour of the capital of Lithuania, it is a whole Gothic complex of buildings. The Church of St. Anne and the Church of Bernardine form a complete architectural ensemble, which contains unique elements of the interior and church wealth. There are also 14 altars, medieval frescoes and the only 14th century crucifix in Lithuania. Monastic library and manuscripts of those times are at your service!

University of Vilnius
The University of Vilnius is the pearl of Eastern Europe, the oldest educational center in Lithuania. It is assembled together on the basis of several buildings made in different architectural styles. It creates a cozy atmosphere and perfectly relaxes during breaks between classes. The landmark is very popular among tourist tourists from Latvia who want to learn the specifics of Lithuanian education at the main university of the country.

Tarakay Castle – the impregnable landmark of Vilnius
The castle is located 30 km from the capital of Lithuania, but this does not affect the popularity of the memo. This architectural masterpiece is famous throughout the world for its glorious history. The fact is that the Lithuanian prince Vitatus created not just the Tarakay castle, but a powerful gothic fortress, which in the entire history of wars had never been conquered by enemies! Do not forget to take a tour.

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