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Sightseeings of USA

The United States of America, which is abbreviated to the United States, is a country that is rich in huge beaches, near the ocean, high mountains, and many developed megalopolises. Therefore, here you can live and build a career and relax.

The country occupies most of the continent of North America, the United States is famous for the most patriotic people, considered a country with a rapidly developing economy. The United States is famous for its landmarks, such as the Statue of Liberty in New York or the Avenue of Stars in Hollywood. The country is also famous for several famous seaside resorts, where movie stars love to relax.

Enumerate the merits of the country can be very long. In this article, we will move away from the beloved habits of many journalists to cover in their articles many times already described on various resources in the network of US sights, erected by human hands, those about which the whole world knows. Today we will talk, basically, about natural monuments, and also about known, but rather mysterious architectural structures.

Bryce Canyon as US Landmark
One of the attractions that can be attributed to the category of natural monuments is considered to be Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah. It is located in the south of the state, and here are located the enormous mountain elevations of Hoodoo, the park attracts with amazing natural landscapes. These mountain formations were created by nature itself for many millennia. Under the influence of erosion, wind, water, sedimentary rocks were formed, which acquired unusual forms.

Rocks in this national park have acquired the most diverse and impressive views, for example, some of them resemble arches, others – pillars, and so on. Rocks here are colored in the most diverse hues, from yellow to orange and bright red. It is best to visit this US landmark in the winter when the best visibility is here, as well as refreshing air.

Golden Gate in the US city of San Francisco
Another very famous US landmark is the San Francisco Golden Gate. This bridge can be called a technical masterpiece, it connects the two peninsulas and is located above the Bay of San Francisco.

In English, the name of this iconic US landmark sounds like the Golden Gate Bridge, it was built back in the 40s of the 20th century. When the bridge is lit in the night or when it rains, it looks just breathtaking, gleams with a red tint and will please the eye of tourists and locals for a long time.

Pali Coast in Hawaii in the USA
As is known, the USA also owns the beautiful Hawaiian Islands, the favorite resort of many inhabitants of the planet. It is on these beautiful islands in the ocean is another attraction of the United States called the coast of Pali. Spending your vacation on the tropical island of Kauai in the Pacific Ocean is the best choice, because the coast of Pali is famous for its beautiful scenery.

Here is the Pali Na National Park, which is considered a local unique attraction. The cliffs near the coast extend 1000 meters in height, there are beautiful panoramas, blue ocean and tropical plants.

Mount McKinley – US Landmark
The sights of the United States, which belongs to the creations of nature, can also be considered mountainous landscapes of Alaska. In the north of the state of the mountains can be called real gems growing to the sky. The white peaks of the mountains, the clear water of the rivers, forests and cities that are located here – all this contributes to the fact that living in this area is comparable to a fairy tale, and also very useful for moral and physical health.

The highest mountain is in the south of Alaska and is called McKinley. By itself, this peak is also read by the sights of the USA. It is located in the Denali Nature Reserve, and rivers and lakes are located next to it. The height of the mountain is more than 6 thousand meters, it is the second highest mountain after Ararat.

At the top of the mountain, the meteorological station recorded the lowest temperature of -83 degrees Celsius. The mountain is located at a great latitude, and also within the limits of its location a very thin air. McKinley is considered the most difficult mountain to conquer, because the top of Alaska is a serious cold and frost … Although, in 1913, the first ascent to its summit was made by a team whose expedition was headed by Hudson Stack. The first of this team to the summit was Walter Harper. How much would you not hear the stories about the many sights of the United States, it is best to see them yourself live.

Sightseeings of USA
The United States of America, which is abbreviated to the United States, is a country that is rich in huge beaches, near the ocean, high mountains, and many developed megalopolises.…


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