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Sights of Spain

Spain is considered a cheerful and sunny country on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. It is full of attractions, most of which are located in major cities. The most famous and frequently visited sights of Barcelona can be considered.

Sagrada Familia as one of the landmarks of Spain
One of these attractions is the Sagrada Familia or Sagrada Familia. With significant interruptions in time, this building has been built for 128 years. The foundation of the building was laid in 1882, and the project was conceived by the Spanish architect Antonio Gaudi. Gradually, the building takes on the form it should have.

One of the researchers of the creative work of the architect Antonio Gaudi once said that he does not know whether a person plays God, creating such masterpieces, or God plays with a person, laying in his mind thoughts about such grandiose projects. The temple is really grandiose and towers over Barcelona, ​​demonstrating its greatness. This landmark of Spain resembles a huge cave with bell towers in the form of stalactites. Here there are deep grottoes, alluring with their mystery.

The height of the building is 170 meters, which is a meter above the highest mountain of Barcelona. With this, he wanted to emphasize that man-made cannot be higher than God’s creation. The facade of the Passion, namely its main door, reproduces words from the Bible in several languages, including Catalan.

Unusual building in Spain – Galatea Tower
Another attraction of Spain, located in the Spanish city of Figueres, is the Galatea Tower. This is one of the parts of the Salvador Dali Museum, which was last added to it. It is designed in a museum style and strict in design. Here you can visit the hall of optical illusions, get acquainted with the latest works of the artist Salvador Dali.

The history of this surrealistic building began in 1974. Previously, there was a theater here, it was destroyed during the civil war and was abandoned for a long time. Now the facade of this Spanish landmark is very original, there are giant eggs on its roof, and the building itself is painted red. The unusual architecture of the building is based on the fact that El Salvador was given bread and eggs as the most useful food.

The legend of the foundation of this building, the sights of modern Spain, says that the mayor of the city Figaras was fascinated by the creativity given and asked once to donate a picture to the city administration. El Salvador was touched and decided to found a whole museum, in the design and construction of which he actively participated.

Tenerife Concert Hall – Landmark and Symbol of the Canary Islands
The landmark of Spain and the symbol of the city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife in the Canary Islands is the Concert Hall of Tenerife. The stately auditorium building was built in 2003 and designed by architect Santiago Calatrava, who is considered one of the best professionals in the world. The building is located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, and its roof has a wave shape that rises above the main hall for performances.

In the lobby of Tenerife there is a cafe, a press center and a shop, there are many dressing rooms and changing rooms to prepare for performances. On two sides of the orchestra pit are the organ pipes, which were developed by Albert Blanefort. Outside the building there are two terraces, and at night it is illuminated with soft white light. From one of the terraces of this landmark in Spain – 350 meters high – you can admire the city. The building is located just next to the two highest skyscrapers of the city of Santa Cruz, and these skyscrapers are considered the most photographed attraction that can be seen from the terraces of the concert hall.

Panorama House in the capital of Spain, Madrid
In the capital of Spain there is a building that in Spanish sounds like Edifio Mirador and is called by the locals a house-panorama. Landmark as if built of parts of the children’s designer, and it was designed by the Dutch bureau MVRDV. The building resembles a viewing platform, as it has a fancy hole in the middle, which serves as a balcony.

The landmark of Spain is built in the shape of a rectangle and reaches a height of more than 60 meters, and in the middle, at an altitude of about 36 meters, and there is a place to explore the surrounding landscapes. There is also a small garden, and the building itself is divided into 9 parts. Each of the parts has a different texture, material and color. Each of the blocks is planned differently and there are different types of apartments. All the sights of Spain can surprise in their own way with their grandeur, pathos or outrageous, each in its own way unique.

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