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Sights of Bratislava

Bratislava is considered the youngest capital of the world, since it became such only in 1993. The city has a very good geographical location, as it borders with the states of Austria and Hungary. It is these countries that most influenced the cultural development of Bratislava, and therefore the sights. A distinctive feature of Bratislava is not only elegant architecture and streets, but also an abundance of natural flowers in the warm season. Flowers grow in flowerbeds, in flower arches of restaurants, on balconies of residential houses … And now more about everything:

Old Town – the central attraction of Bratislava
Various museums, castles, theaters, palaces, churches and even separate areas of the city are called “tourist” in Bratislava. One of the latter is the Old Town – the central administrative part of the capital of Slovakia. There are still preserved ancient buildings that personify the history of the whole country. The structure of the sight is narrow streets and wide squares, of which there are only two: Gnezdoslavova and Glavnaya. The city center, Bratislava Castle, is located on the foothills of the Carpathians, which rise from the west to the Old Town.

For tourists, the eastern part of the Old Town is of great interest, where the Slovak National Theater, the Mikhailovsky Tower and even the railway station are located. It also houses the oldest Franciscan church, the Cathedral of St. Martin, where coronations were once performed, as well as the Church of the Holy Trinity. The Grassalkovich Palace is the residence of the country’s president, which is also located in the Old Town. The museum has become the former Archbishop Palace, where cafes and souvenir shops work for tourists. An interesting feature are the original horse-drawn carriage excursions. The abundance of attractions in this part of the city explains the greatest popularity among tourists and locals.

Cathedral of sv. Martina – one of the most impressive cathedrals of Bratislava

Most recently, the coronations of the Hungarian kings took place here – this is evidenced by the crown at the very top of the spire and numerous entries of the cathedral’s journals. The latest such record is the coronation of Ferdinand II of the Good-Hapsburg. The landmark is the largest in Bratislava and is visible from many parts of the city. An interesting exterior and good location made the Cathedral of St. Martin one of the most visited places in the city.

Slovak National Theater – the historical heritage of Bratislava
The Slovak National Theater is located in the Old Town and is the oldest cultural structure in Slovakia. The first building of the theater was built in 1886 by the project of Austrian architects Fellner and Hellner. They were the main ideological initiators of this attraction. Today it is a huge Neo-Renaissance building and is the main pride of Bratislava. In front of the entrance to the main building there is another architectural heritage – the first decorative fountain “Ganymede”. In addition to the performances themselves, tourists will be interested in theater interiors. Corridors and halls are decorated with paintings by the famous artist Luttgendorf-Leinburg and the frescoes of the master Spanic.

Initially, only plays in Czech were staged in the theater, but over time it became National. The first production was Erkel’s favorite Slovak opera Bank-Ban. Today, opera singers, ballet dancers, and dramatic actors perform in the theater. 1700 people are placed in the auditorium, in the repertoire of the theater there are performances of Slovak authors, as well as modern European playwrights.

Presidential Palace in Bratislava
The Presidential Palace is one of the most favorite tourist places of the city. During its long history, the palace has changed several owners and names. Some owners used it for luxurious festivities of the aristocracy, while others carefully kept it as a residence. Now the palace is a country office of the President of Slovakia, but is fully open to visitors. Anyone can walk through the corridors, see the bedrooms and the lush guest rooms.

Another interesting feature is the solemn changing of the guard of the Guardsmen – the constant guards of this attraction.

New Bridge – futuristic view of Bratislava
Among the modern sights you need to highlight the New Bridge. It was built only in 1972, but in the first years it received a special popularity. The fact is that it was one of the first futuristic solutions in Bratislava. Unusual or even fundamentally new design has earned the attention of tourists. In short, the concept of the bridge can be represented as follows: from one inclined support, the ropes that support the metal web diverge in different directions. There are four lanes, as well as lanes for cyclists and pedestrians.

The bridge is not installed in the channel of the Danube River, as it is fixed on the bank and this is also its distinguishing feature from most of the bridges in Bratislava.

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