Reykjavik Attractions
Reykjavik is the capital and main cultural center of Iceland. The rich history and unique culture resulted in beautiful architecture and unusual sights, which we will tell you about today.…

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Sights of Morocco
Morocco is a North African country, which is washed by the Mediterranean Sea in the north and the Atlantic Ocean in the west. In addition to the border with Algeria,…

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Sights of Lviv
Lviv can actually compete with any European city. It can be called the capital of Galicia, a city in which a special atmosphere reigns. Temples, a special style of residential…

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Sights of Bavaria

Castle Novanstein – a popular attraction in BavariaBavaria is rich in its attractions. Each of them can tell a lot about the history of the country, and about its present. Far from major settlements where the tourist routes pass, is one of the attractions – Novanstein Castle. Today it is open to tourists. A visit to this Bavarian landmark is possible with two travel programs to choose from. It is possible to visit only Novanstein, or to become a guest of two neighboring Hohenschwangau castles, built by the father of Ludwig.

A beautiful view of the Alps mountains and valleys opens from the windows of the castle of Nantstein – the famous landmark of Bavaria. Tourists can visit the castles and walk through the historic center of the city of Fussen. Translated from German Novanstein means “new swan stone.” This landmark of Bavaria was built in the 19th century. In the year more than a million tourists visit the castle.

King Louis II once considered Novanstein his residence. They called him Ludwig the Insane, because he so dreamed of creating a masterpiece of architecture from the castle, that he spent the entire state treasury on construction. He was removed from power before the completion of construction work. Like the beautiful façade of the castle with its peaked towers, the interior also looks great. Ludwig dedicated his Wagner operas and decorated all the walls with paintings on the theme of the ancient German sagas. Another leitmotif of the interior of this sights of Bavaria is the swan. It is also said that the castle later stored the furniture, paintings, jewelry and many other things that were intended for Hitler’s personal collection.

Village Oberammergau. Bavaria
This famous village took a special place on a tour of Bavaria. It is located in the middle of the mighty Alps and dense forest. And the main feature of Oberammergau is a unique tradition to decorate their houses with wall frescoes. In the 18th century, they began to paint their houses with characters from fairy tales, biblical and chivalrous stories. Then it was the main indicator of well-being and wealth. Now it has acquired an aesthetic color and serves to attract tourists from all over the world.

Another interesting feature of this attraction is the unique theatrical production “The Suffering of Christ.” It is held every 10 years here to honor the memory of the dead from the terrible plague of the XVII century.

Recently, the old traditions of jewelery, pottery, carving and painting began to revive in this corner of Bavaria. Tourists like it very much, as they can not only buy beautiful handmade souvenirs, but also make them themselves!

Cave of the Virgins – Mysterious Place of Bavaria
Another attraction of Bavaria is the cave of the virgins. It is a monument of archeology and is shrouded in legends. They say that up to the Middle Ages there were sacrifices. Since the Iron Age, this area is famous for its ceramics, namely, linear-tape ceramics. The name of the cave, which today is considered a landmark of Bavaria, was given after finding here a lot of female skeletons, which, apparently, were sacrificed. They were more than men, of the 40 found – women were 29.

The first excavations in the caves were carried out in 50 years and then the skeletons were attributed to a period of 6 thousand years. The excavation was led by the scientist Otto Kunkel. There were facts that bone marrow was removed from some skeletons. According to a study of some scientists, it is possible that the people who lived in a cave for many years were cannibals. All the secrets that envelop the cave, give reason to call it one of the most mysterious sights of Bavaria.

Royal Manor Linderhof. Bavaria
Linderhof Castle is one of the smallest and most beautiful in Bavaria. Here everything is thought out to the smallest detail: from the shape of the structure to the color of vases. Rococo and Baroque elements dominate in Linderhof. All this is complemented by exquisite frescoes, depicting famous scenes of German mythology, and porcelain sculptures along the entire perimeter of the castle. Several rooms and halls are open for tourists, but the most interesting is the bedroom of Ludwig of Bavaria with a crystal chandelier and an artificial waterfall.

To relax and enjoy the surrounding landscapes, you can walk through the Moorish pavilion in the manor park.

Bavarian Forest
Another attraction of Bavaria can be called the Bavarian Forest. This is a remnant of an ancient forest, which has been preserved to our time. It covers an area of ​​more than 2,000 square kilometers and is spread over the borders of Germany and the Czech Republic. The remoteness of the forest from the settlements gave reason to believe that this is why most of it was not affected by human intervention. In 1969, a national park was created on the territory of the forest, which was called “the Bavarian Forest”, and all so that this landmark of Bavaria remains under the protection of the state and nature remains in its original form.

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