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Sights of Salzburg

Salzburg is a stunning city with a century of history and stunning architecture. A variety of entertainment and new cultural monuments harmonize perfectly with centenary palaces, fortresses and cathedrals. It will not be possible to study everything in one tour, but you can find out the most interesting and important among the sights of Salzburg in our article!

Mirabell Palace – the luxury of Salzburg
Mirabell Palace is a representative of baroque architecture. It is surrounded by beautiful gardens, statues, flower gardens and wide royal sidewalks. The landmark was built at the end of the XVIII century, and a large-scale reconstruction was carried out at the beginning of the XIX century. At the moment, the administrative offices of Salzburg are located here. The main decoration of the Mirabel Palace are marble angels, gilding and unique frescoes. The Marble Memorial Hall is traditionally open for evening concerts in honor of Mozart.

Eagle’s Nest – a historic landmark in Salzburg
In the fabulous beauty of the Bavarian Alps is the former headquarters of Hitler. A small beautiful house is located on the top of the mountain and boasts some of the most amazing views of the snow-covered Alps of Austria. The Eagle’s Nest was built in honor of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of Hitler in 1939, but was rarely used. After the war, this place became a real attraction and is still open to visitors. Today, everyone can come here, dine in a restaurant or beer garden and just enjoy the stunning view of the surroundings. You can also take a fascinating tour of the Eagle’s Nest bunkers.

Hohensalzburg – Salzburg Fortress
Hohensalzburg – the famous castle located on the rocky mountains. This beautiful monument towers over the Old Town. It is dotted with towers, battlements and admires the power of impregnable walls. The castle was built in 1077 and for a long time served as the main defensive structure of Salzburg. At the moment, Hohensalzburg provides guided tours of the palace ceremonial halls, gothic torture chambers, watch rooms and museum rooms.

Abbey of St. Peter – a wonderful reminder
St. Peter’s Abbey has been located in the heart of the old town of Salzburg since the 800s. The abbey church of the Benedictine monastery has a Romanesque structure and a luxurious rococo interior. The Abbey Library is a treasure trove of manuscripts, antique musical instruments, and valuable collections of art.

Tourists are invited to visit the restaurant of St. Peter, located in the basements of the abbey or spend an atmospheric night in the territory of the sights. It is interesting to know that Mozart’s beloved sister and Haydn’s brother are buried here.

Mozartplatz – the pride of Salzburg
Mozartplatz is a square in the center of which is an elegant statue of the young Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – a virtuoso musician and great composer of Austria. The statue was erected in 1842 with the support of King Ludwig of Bavaria, who was a great admirer of Mozart’s talent. At the moment, the square is one of the most visited and popular sights of Salzburg. There are always crowds of tourists who take pictures, walk and enjoy a tour of the city.

Getreidegasse street. Salzburg
Do you want to walk along a medieval street with a modern twist? Then getreidegasse is the best choice. Here you can see the beautiful medieval and baroque buildings of the rich merchants of Salzburg and the whole of Bavaria. Throughout the street, you can see luxury shops, many of which are passed down from generation to generation. It should also be noted that in 1756 the legendary Mozart was born in one of the houses. Be sure to go through Getreidegasse and enjoy the spirit of medieval Germany.

Old Market – Salzburg Landmark

The old market is a well-known memo, the story of which has been stretching since 1280. The Middle Ages have long passed, but the original structures still adorn the Old Market Square. Late baroque townhouses fit perfectly and create architectural integrity of the sights. After ordering coffee with chocolate and a newspaper, sitting comfortably on the terrace of one of the cafes, just enjoy the views of Salzburg and feel like a real European.

By the way, when you pass near the house at number 10a, be sure to take a photo on its background! The fact is that “house 10a” is the smallest in Salzburg and the photo with it brings good luck!

Salzburg Cathedral
Salzburg Cathedral is a typical representative of classical Italian architecture and is part of a traditional tour of the city. Landmark crowned with green bronze domes, which serve as an excellent guide for tourists and visitors to the city. The main feature of the cathedral is the bright atrium, the romance foundations of tombs and crypts. Also a significant role in building the overall picture of the statue of angels and a large altar. There is a museum at the cathedral, where everyone can learn the history of the monument from 1628.

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