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Sights of Dusseldorf

Dusseldorf is a beautiful city in western Germany, which has something to show and something to be proud of. In this article, we have collected the best sights and made our vision of a tour of the city. Also waiting for you Düsseldorf photo album with the best reminders and landscapes.

Altstadt or Düsseldorf’s Old Town

Altstadt is not just the most popular attraction of the city, it is its heart, cultural and spiritual symbol. It is located between the shopping boulevard and the River Rhine, which makes it an ideal starting point for exploring the city. Stroll through the cobbled streets, look at the quiet churches, try the amazing beer in one of the traditional beer pubs, or simply relax with a cup of coffee on the terrace of one of the restaurants.Through the Old Town pass the shortest way to the main attractions of Düsseldorf, so you can safely go on tour without fear of getting lost.

Media Harbor – creative ideas of Dusseldorf
Media Harbor – a former industrial port of the city, which was turned into a platform for the work of modern architects. The main experimenters here are such world-renowned experts as David Chipperfield and Claude Vasconi (1940 – 2009). Their projects are many so-called post-modern buildings. They are strongly contrasted against the background of historical warehouses, mooring walls and wrought ornaments. Recently, media companies, fashion houses and design studios are increasingly opening here. The latest trend of Harbor Media are hipster parties and themed pubs. Visit this landmark to keep abreast of current cultural trends.

Royal Alley of Dusseldorf
Royal Alley – a paradise for shopping tourists! Here are the best boutiques of world brands and fashion houses, international galleries and exclusive cafes. Instead of a pompous name, the locals call it simply “Kyo”. Many spend thousands of dollars here, forgetting about the natural beauty that the alley is rich with. Kyo is not just a street, it’s a stunning boulevard passing through the historic center of Düsseldorf. In the middle of the street there passes a moat filled with water and rows of chestnuts, and four foot paths allow residents and visitors of the city to enjoy the beauty of the centenary sights.

Art Academy – Landmark of Dusseldorf
In Düsseldorf, very creative and modern people live. This is again evidenced by the presence of many artistic institutions. One of these is the Academy of Arts. There is an innovative exhibition hall, where exhibitions and presentations of contemporary art collections regularly take place. There are also art galleries, works of the 20th century and modern art galleries. At the moment, the Academy of Arts is one of the integral parts of the creative life of Dusseldorf and Germany as a whole.

Aqua Zoo – family attraction
Aqua-zoo is very popular among tourists with children and retirees. Recently, it was moved to a large new building in the northern park, which at the same time can accommodate even more visitors. The zoo has more than 470 different species of animals, including rare reptiles and fish. The landmark is divided into many halls, each of which has its own climate and corresponds to different points of the planet. Especially popular is the terrarium and the tropical hall.

Other sights of Düsseldorf
Japanese quarter
There is only one Japanese quarter in Germany and it is located in Düsseldorf! About 8 thousand people live here, most of whom are professional experts in the economic sphere. For dozens of years, its small sights have appeared here, including a hotel, cafes and restaurants in traditional Japanese style.

Burgplatz – the most important historical monument and one of the central squares of Dusseldorf. Once there was a baroque castle of the counts of Berg, but in 1888 it burned down and was completely destroyed. Only the old tower of the castle has reached our days, as a reminder of the former glory of the local rulers. Burgplatz is included in any tour of the city, as it is the center of historical and cultural monuments of Germany.

Rhine Embankment
The Rhine Embankment is the most pleasant way to get to other places of interest. A few years ago, car traffic was banned here, after which tourists poured in. The embankment is not only a great opportunity to rest from the noisy streets of the city, but also a good way to see new architectural masterpieces. An excellent choice would be the Rhine Tower, which offers a beautiful view of Düsseldorf and its surroundings.

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