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Sights of Bonn

Tourists love Bonn for an abundance of entertainment and space for the average tourist. Here you can roam: from trivial excursions to open-air nightly entertainment programs. Discos, shopping, exotic tours and extreme relaxation – all this is fabulous Bonn!

Drachenfels Castle – Bonn in history
Drachenfels Castle is a luxurious landmark in the south of the city. For hundreds of years, it served as a strategic defensive point and influenced the history of Bonn in many ways. The castle was built on a hill in the XII century. Since then, it was partially destroyed several times, but it was still rebuilt and again became the bulwark of the city’s security. Now this memo is one of the most striking architectural masterpieces.

Monument to Beethoven – pride of Bonn.
Ludwig van Beethoven is a cult personality in European history and one of the best composers of all time. Bonn is the city where he was born and grew up, where he is remembered and loved, so a magnificent bronze statue was erected in his honor in the square in the very center of the city. The beautiful surrounding architecture gives the impression that you have moved from the noisy modern Bonn to the end of the XVIII century. There is also a Beethoven Museum, which contains a huge collection of works and information about his life and work. Do not forget to visit this symbol of Germany.

Town Hall – Bonn Landmark
City Hall is another amazing memo that you can enter into your tour without thinking. It fits comfortably into any excursion, as it is located in the center of Bonn in the Market Square. The architecture of the town hall is dominated by magnificent baroque facades of white and pink. Numerous gold jewelery and attention of architects to details create truly magnificent and rich plots of the 18th century. The dark roof dominates the horizon, thus betraying the royal balcony of the town hall even more important in the overall picture. This is where a unique view of Bonn opens up, this is where everyone can feel like an aristocrat of blue blood 🙂

Art Museum – the Future and Fiction of Bonn
Amazing cone-shaped structures cannot go unnoticed by prying tourist eyes. The art museum is one of the most famous futuristic attractions of modern times. Here are the most vivid exhibits of modern art trends, which, according to experts, will become classics of the genre in the future. All collections are not in traditional exhibition halls, but in constant metamorphoses and changes of objects. It is not surprising that the memo is included in the list of the most visited sights of Bonn, even ahead of the Double Church.

Double Church – an unusual memo
The main feature of this church is the presence of two altars. The fact is that in the XII century in Bonn, as in other cities of Germany, there was a clear class division into “know” and “ordinary people”. At the upper altar they prayed alone, and at the lower altar others. Another feature is the Romanesque sights and unusual interiors. Also attracted the attention of frescoes and facade. The double Church is surrounded by a beautiful park and green spaces, where you can sit and relax from the bustle of numerous excursions.

Other sights of Bonn
For all lovers of outdoor activities and entertainment there is a huge number of nightclubs, themed bars and pubs. Everyone can find an institution to their liking! Mass cultural activities are also widely developed here. In the city constantly hold concerts in which both local stars and popular foreign performers participate. Activities here are interesting and multifaceted, so it can safely be considered a landmark of the city.

Bonn Market Square
The Market Square is a small triangular area in the historic center of the city. Here are the main reminders and official institutions. Crowds of tourists are constantly on the square, since here, more often than not, acquaintance with Bonn and his architectural masterpieces begins.

Bonn Minster Church.
The church is one of the oldest and most beautiful in the country. Romanesque towers of monuments majestically rise not far from the monument to Beethoven, beckoning tourists from all over the city. Ever since the XI century, the 80-meter church has been collecting rapt views of residents and guests.

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