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Sights of Casablanca

Casablanca is the largest North African port with a population of over 3.3 million people. It concentrates all the trading capital and tourism business of Morocco. However, Casablanca is a city of contrasts, where in the neighborhood are located the top boutiques of world brands and traditional village huts, French colonial masterpieces and the poverty of the common people. Despite all this, here you can have a great time and have a good rest, and we will help you with this.

Hassan II Mosque – the pearl of Casablanca
This landmark is one of the most famous and valuable architectural masterpieces of Morocco. It took more than 5 years of uninterrupted work by 2500 builders and 10,000 artists to build this greatest memo. The result was a magnificent mosque with intricate mosaics, stone and marble floors and pillars decorated with plaster moldings, carvings and paintings. The Hassan II Mosque can simultaneously accommodate more than 25,000 believers in the glass hall and 80,000 in the surrounding area.

It should be noted that the landmark is one of the largest and most luxurious mosques in the world. More than $ 800 million was spent on its construction, but the entire amount was collected solely from donations. So visit this amazing place on your Casablanca tour.

Mountain road. Landmark Casablanca
The mountain road is a favorite tourist center of recreation and entertainment. This place is often called the “South Beach of Morocco” or “Blackpool Morocco” because of the many night entertainment venues. The long boardwalk leads to many restaurants and nightclubs, as well as to the favorite promenade where you can enjoy the pleasant sea breeze. For all lovers of outdoor activities, there are beach clubs and swimming pools.

Mohammed Square V. Casablanca
Mohammed V Square is the main square of the city and a permanent gathering place for tourists. The square is very beautiful and comfortable, in its center there is a large fountain, playing with colorful lights at night, and around the towering buildings of the French colonial era. This is a great place to take pictures, feed the pigeons and just relax, looking at the reminders of the former power of the French colony. The sight is included in all the excursions in Casablanca, so you will definitely visit this guide on your tour.

Other sights of Casablanca
Casablanca Cathedral is a neo-Gothic monument to the past. This landmark was once one of the most impressive buildings of the city of the twentieth century. Now this Roman Catholic church serves as a monument to the French colonial period, providing everyone with the cultural heritage of that era.

Temple of Bet El

Of the more than 20 synagogues that have ever existed in Casablanca, the most luxurious is Bet-El. The temple has long become a popular attraction and receives tourists from around the world. If you want to see the wealth of mosques of local Jews, then the sight of Beth El will be the best example.

The pride of Casablanca is a wide network of hammam baths (Turkish steam bath). In combination with Moroccan traditions, the Turkish Hammam was revived as a tourist component.

Shopping in Casablanca
Shopping is the most popular occupation of visitors and a stable income for the local population. They sell everything here: from small souvenirs to gold jewelry and jewelery. There are even boutiques of the largest fashion brands, so the tourist will be where to spend money. The largest trading place is the busiest part of Casablanca – Piazza Mohammed V, where life is in full swing day and night, receiving more and more new tourists.

The article about the sights of Casablanca has come to an end, but you can still enjoy the city’s photo album! Also do not forget to share this article with friends and join the group in the social. networks below.

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