Istanbul Attractions
Istanbul is an ancient, rich in historical vicissitudes of the city of Turkey. During its thousand-year history, it was burned to the ground many times, conquered and defeated, but all…

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Sights of Morocco
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Sights of Vilnius
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Bucharest Attractions

Bucharest is the pearl of South-Eastern Europe, the most beautiful city in Romania and the best place for a romantic trip. Recently, romantic travels for two make up former popularity, but the main destination for lovers is not traditional Paris and Rome, but small, cozy cities like Bucharest.

National Museum of History and Art – Landmark of Bucharest
The capital of Romania throughout Europe is famous for its architectural masterpieces. One of these amazing places is the National Museum of History and Art. Its bizarre forms attract the eye for hundreds more meters. The futuristic design of the upper floors is unusually combined with traditional Romanian architecture, and the appearance of the museum itself fully corresponds to the peculiar exhibits. The landmark has rare works of world-famous artists: Jan van Eyck, Rubens, Rembrandt, Jan Bruegel the Elder, El Greco, Tintoretto. Also here are the canvases of the best talents of Bucharest of all time.

Bucharest. Chishmigiu garden
This landmark is the main landmark in traveling around the city and is located in the central park of Bucharest. Chismigiu can boast thousands of different flowers from all over the world, but the main feature of the garden is its compositions and various flower figures. There are often contests and “flower contests” for tourists, so come to Cismigiu garden and enjoy the communication, beautiful views and smells.

Triumphal Arch – Bucharest’s Favorite Landmark
One of the most famous and popular monuments of the capital of Romania is the Triumphal Arch. It was originally built of wood in 1922 in honor of the courage of the Romanian soldiers who fought in the First World War. According to the project of architect Petre Antonescu, the landmark was rebuilt from granite in 1936. For everyone, an internal staircase works around the clock to reach the summit. The height of the arch is about 26 meters, which is quite enough for a great panoramic view of Bucharest and another photo in the collection.

Atheneum of Bucharest – European landmark
Atheneum is a beautiful neoclassical structure, restored in 1992 after decades of decline. At the moment, Atheneum can proudly be called one of the leading concert halls in Europe. Here the Philharmonic Orchestra named after George Enescu (famous Romanian violinist and composer) often performs. So you can combine a cultural holiday with a tour of the beautiful Athenaeum of Bucharest. According to the latest polls, the locals call this landmark the main symbol of the city, so now you just have to enter it into your tour.

Attraction “Village Museum”
The Village Museum is one of the few architectural memos fully devoted to the common people and folk art. It represents the so-called “Romania in miniature”, where every corner reflects the traditions and culture of a particular region of the country. It is very convenient for the tourist, as having been here in Bucharest, you will have a general idea of ​​the other cities and districts of Romania. You will also get acquainted with the daily life of a simple peasant, which will allow you to get to know and love these places even more. Do not forget to sign up for a tour of the “Museum of the village.”

Palace of Parliament in Bucharest
Another popular attraction is the Palace of Parliament. This structure is so large that in the Guinness Book of Records in the size of only the Pentagon! Its area is an incredible 350 thousand m2, and its height is 86 m! The memo is the heaviest building in the world, and the architectural styles are so mixed that it cannot be accurately classified. Of the more than 1,100 rooms you are invited to independently make a tour or book a standard tour.

For local residents, this landmark of Bucharest evokes contradictory feelings: some still perceive it as a symbol of the regime of Nicolae Ceausescu, while others call it the symbol of a new era, the era of free Romania.

CEC Palace – the pride of Bucharest
The CEC Palace is a landmark built in 1900 by the oldest bank in Romania. For over 106 years, it served as the headquarters of the bank and in 2007 it was sold to the municipality of Bucharest. Nowadays, it is a museum and is very popular among residents and visitors of the city. CEC Palace is built in an eclectic style and always attracts interested views of tourists. It is interesting to know that this is the most popular and photographed memo of Bucharest. Be sure to visit and take a picture on her background!

Bucharest is a beautiful city and the best place to stay for the weekend. If you want to have a good rest, as well as have fun, then Bucharest is definitely your choice. Our article is finished, but you have not yet seen the Bucharest photo album, which will perfectly complement the impressions of the sights.

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