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Argentina is a sunny country in southeast South America with its capital in Buenos Aires. Beaches that stretch here for hundreds of kilometers are among the best on the continent.…

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Sights of Bonn
Tourists love Bonn for an abundance of entertainment and space for the average tourist. Here you can roam: from trivial excursions to open-air nightly entertainment programs. Discos, shopping, exotic tours…

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Sights of Vilnius
Vilnius is famous for its chic baroque sights, but the most popular monuments are cathedrals and temples. The city also boasts its quiet, narrow streets and the unique atmosphere of…

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Brisbane Attractions

Brisbane is the main administrative unit and the largest city in Queensland. Not so long ago, it was considered an ordinary provincial town with a small central street and a couple of attractions, but it took a little time and multi-million investments made Brisbane a real megalopolis that is not inferior to the same New York or Sydney.

Lang Park – Brisbane’s Sports Attraction
Sport is an integral part of the life of any Brisbane, so children are taken to the games of their favorite team from an early age. Most of the games take place at Lang Park Stadium, which is Brisbane’s main sports arena. Locals call it the “temple of sport”, focusing on its popularity and versatility.

From generation to generation, the love of football, rugby and cricket loved by all. So you should visit this wonderful sight, enjoy the spirit of competition and the sweetness of victories.

Powerhouse – Brisbane landmark
Powerhouse – the main meeting place for creative and creative people of the city. It is located in a picturesque place on the very bank of the Brisbane River, where the power station once operated. In the early 2000s, the city council decided to turn the abandoned station into a center for contemporary art. Since then, Powerhouse has become the cradle of new trends in theater, music, comedy, cinema, painting and culture in general. Any tourist here will be very interesting and everyone will find something to do for themselves. A great bonus is snacks in the “creative cafe-bar” or “art restaurant”, which perfectly complement theatrical performances and author cinema in Powerhouse.

The past of this attraction is combined with its present purpose and gives all visitors a real boost of energy and creativity for new achievements.

Brisbane forest park
The famous nature reserve Forest Park invites everyone to learn about the flora and fauna of Australia, as well as get acquainted with the suburb of Brisbane. Here you will learn a lot of interesting information about kangaroos – the indigenous inhabitants of the continent, the local nature, climate, as well as various types of animals and plants. If this is not very interesting for you, Forest Park will offer you to simply admire the luxurious nature of the D’Aguilar mountain range and take a break from the city rush.

Sightseeing tour. Brisbane
One of the most spectacular walks around the city is the night water excursion on a catamaran. Under the guidance of an experienced guide, you can not only admire the views of Brisbane, but also learn a lot of amusing stories from the lives of ordinary people.

Recently, the so-called interactive tours are gaining more and more popularity, in which the guide tells the best stories about the sights, and the tourists enjoy various drinks while sitting comfortably on their own. All this is accompanied by pleasant music and colorful lights of the big city.

Interesting facts about Brisbane
Over the past decade, the city has several times been recognized as the most promising and best city on the continent for living.
The city ranks second in the world in terms of population growth rate.
The last couple of years, the weekly increase in the population of Brisbane is 1000 people!
Brisbane is often called the “City of the New World”, since the number of skyscrapers, entertainment venues, various cafes and restaurants here is commensurate with the largest megacities of the world.
Shopping and Entertainment in Brisbane
The city has a huge megamoll (a landmark and a real paradise for the tourist), where there are more than 700 different boutiques, cosmetics stores and perfumery. Even the most avid shopaholics will not be able to go around all the places in 3 days. The bulk of the boutiques that are popular in Brisbane are made up of houses of little-known fashion designers, where for a small fee you can get excellent handmade clothes.
In addition to traditional entertainment such as discos and nightclubs, there are other ways to get an adrenaline rush in Brisbane: climbing Kut-ta mountain, running to the best sights with photographic confirmation of each control point and an extreme tour of the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary nature reserve.

Other sights of Brisbane
Botanical Garden
Perhaps one of the most famous and colorful attractions is the City Botanical Garden. This natural guide will delight visitors with its amazing collections of various colors from all over the world. Here you can relax sitting on a bench or walking along shady alleys surrounded by thousands of flowers. Choose the best tour for yourself and get another portion of unforgettable impressions ahead!

Albert Street Uniting Church is another highlight of Brisbane

Albert Street Uniting Church is one of the few churches in Australia, made in the decorative Gothic style according to the features of the local tropical climate. Its 42-meter spire topped with a beautiful wrought topping, which perfectly emphasizes the elegance and beauty of the forms of the church.

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Brisbane Attractions
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