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Reykjavik Attractions

Reykjavik is the capital and main cultural center of Iceland. The rich history and unique culture resulted in beautiful architecture and unusual sights, which we will tell you about today.

Blue Lagoon – famous landmark of Reykjavik
The Blue Lagoon is an ideal place to relax and rejuvenate your body and soul. It represents a huge natural pool, where water rich in microelements and healing salts purifies and fills everyone with life. These thermal waters have long been the main health resort not only of Reykjavik, but also of the whole country. Now I understand why the Blue Lagoon is the most popular attraction of the city.

Perlan or “Pearl” of Reykjavik
If you want to have a good meal and have a great time with your family, then Perlan will be the best choice. For more than 20 years, this memo pleases its visitors with a chic revolving restaurant with a viewing platform, an inexpensive family cafe and a spacious hall, where various concerts and performances are often held. Besides all this, the landmark is also the natural boiler room of Reykjavik, which supplies people with hot geothermal water on cold winter evenings. The fact is that Perlan is located on a high hill directly above the natural source, from where it is very convenient to supply the city with water. Be sure to visit the “Pearl” and enjoy all the benefits of this attraction.

The Valley of Geysers is a natural amusement park of Reykjavik.
A visit to the Valley of Geysers is one of the most exciting events on the tour. The name of this stunning landmark speaks for itself and needs no introduction. There is only you, a camera and a lot of geysers that erupt every few minutes. There are so powerful sources here that they spew water tens of meters into the sky!

To remember these moments for life, there is a small gift shop, where everyone can buy a gift set or a small educational brochure about the Valley of Geysers.

Reykjavik. Attraction Bessastadir
Bessastadir – one of the few architectural structures of the XVIII century, which in its integrity and safety has reached our days. For two centuries, it was used as a private educational institution, and only in 1944 it was transferred to the state. Since then, the landmark serves as the official residence of the President in Reykjavik.

On the territory of the monument is the oldest stone building in Iceland – a small church, the interior of which has not changed since the time of construction in 1796. There are many interesting stories and legends around the Bessastadir residence around this church, the best of which will be told to you by a guide.

Museum of Folk Art – a historic landmark in Reykjavik
The Museum of Folk Art is a small village of the XIX century. It is located just a few kilometers from the center of Reykjavik and is very popular among tourists. All buildings have been preserved in their original form and are open to the public. Special attention is attracted by the village cafe and the old forge of Reykjavik. Children love the hayloft and the big farm where they can play enough and run around. This is how a historic landmark can easily become a family holiday destination.

Castle of the Gods and the natural beauty of Reykjavik
In the capital of Iceland, there are many attractions that fascinate the tourist at any time of the year. Perhaps one of the most interesting is the Castle of the Gods. The history of this memo lasts for more than 1000 years and every year creates all the new interesting facts about yourself. The castle is located at an altitude of more than 1,400 meters and offers the tourist magnificent landscapes on a mountain range, glacial rivers and a canyon.

Legend has it that in the year 1000, the local population adopted Christianity, and pagan idols began to be thrown off from places of honor at the Castle of the Gods. After that, the gold mines of the castle cave closed forever. However, in our time there are still brave souls whom hope does not leave to find the lost golden treasures. Be sure to put this landmark on your tour of Reykjavik and maybe you can find a gold mine!

Street Laugavegur – shopping and entertainment in Reykjavik
Street Laugavegur – not only the main shopping artery of the city, but also the place of the oldest shops in all of Iceland. This is the largest center for tourists and locals, as only here you can feel the real spirit of old Reykjavik without modern shops and supermarkets. Laugavegur will also delight themed bars and restaurants that are passed down from generation to generation, while maintaining the flavor and uniqueness.

For all those who want to dance and have fun, there are several excellent nightclubs where the best DJs of Iceland regularly perform. Landmark Laugavegur is the only street where life is in full swing around the clock, not falling asleep for a minute.

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