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Sights of Lima

You are on the article about the sights and popular tourist places of Lima. This city has long been famous for its great architectural masterpieces and historical monuments. At the moment, Lima is the main tourist and cultural center of Peru.

Museum of the Nation – a historical monument

The Museum of the Nation is one of the most important historical sights of the capital of Peru. There are thousands of different exhibits that display the daily life and activities of an ordinary Peruvian. Perhaps there is nothing interesting for the modern tourist and there is no, but you just look around, and immediately see the domestic evolution and human development after thousands of years! The museum even preserved the artifacts of the ancient Incas and jewelry of past generations. Looking at all this, we can safely say that Peruvians are a very skillful and sharp-witted people who found a way out of any situation.

Barranco Attraction – Romance in Lima
Perhaps one of the most beautiful places in Lima is the picturesque Barranco quarter. Here, crowds of famous musicians, artists and writers go in search of muse and creative motivation. In addition to creative individuals, young couples in love also love to relax here. A favorite place for all, without exception, is the very Bridge of Sighs … If you come to rest with your soul mate, then be sure to go to the romantic quarter of Barranco.

Monastery of St. Francis – the spiritual landmark of Lima
The monastery of St. Francis is a well-known cultural monument and the main spiritual center of the city. It is located in the historic district of Lima and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The monastery boasts a rich library with many exclusive, unique books and publications. However, the greatest delight among tourists cause the dark catacombs of St. Francis. During the colonial era, entire networks of underground labyrinths were dug here, which now attract tourists with their secret and complex structure.

Lima squares
The area of ​​the capital of Peru is a separate landmark, which requires a special approach from the tourist. Each similar memo is named in honor of great historical achievements. The most striking example is the square of the Second May, where in the very center there is a stunning Freedom column. Piazza San Martín will delight you with a chic statue of the liberator José de San Martín on horseback. Acho Square will amaze you with a luxurious arena for holding a festival of bullfighting (bull fighting). These are the unique reminders located in different parts of Lima! And your task will be to visit each of them 🙂

Fundación Museo Amano. Landmark of Lima
This museum is an excellent representative of the so-called “pre-Columbian culture.” The fact is that Peruvians, like other peoples of America, clearly distinguish these two historical periods. The Fundación Museo Amano is nothing but a wonderful collection of ceramics, lace, and other textiles from the Chimu and Nazca cultures. It should be added that the inhabitants of Lima greatly respect and honor the memory of their ancestors. Do not forget to enter this landmark in your tourist route.

Cathedral Basilica de Lima
The Basilica de Lima is one of the most prominent representatives of the colonial era of Lima. Here you can note not only the well-preserved exterior of the sights, but also the grave of the conquistador Francisco Pizarro – the founder of the city. The memorial was built at the beginning of the 16th century, but already at that time it caught on itself the enthusiastic views of residents who first saw such an unusual architectural solution. Be sure to visit the Cathedral.

Mansion Casa Pilatos. Lima
Casa Pilatos is an old residential building in the capital. What is so interesting can hide this attraction? You can ask this question to the local authorities, who have decided to make a real historical reference from the oldest house in Lima. Casa Pilatos can only boast that it was erected in 1590 and it has survived to this day. It is believed that such buildings gave the development of the city in its modern guise. If you are interested in this mansion, then hurry to book a tour.

Lima nightlife
The realities of the nightlife of modern Lima can be easily recorded as one of the best sights of the city! In addition to the enormous number of discos, Lima also includes such exotic things as dinner on the ocean, 24-hour restaurants and night cruises for you and your half. Among the fat pluses can be identified casino and a lot of entertainment.

You have just read an article about the sights and popular tourist places of Lima. I suggest you see our photo album of the capital of Peru.

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