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Sights of Cologne

Cologne is a beautiful European city with ancient traditions and history. It has many wonderful monuments and architectural masterpieces. If you decide to go on a tour of the sights of Cologne, then our selection will be an excellent reference point for you to travel around the city.

Cologne Cathedral – a symbol of Cologne
Cologne Cathedral is one of the most important architectural monuments of Germany. He is in the top 10 of the most famous and visited attractions in the country. This Gothic masterpiece is located in the heart of Cologne and is the main landmark and magnet for tourists. For the city, the memorial has a very important historical and cultural significance. It boasts a stunning wide facade, sharp towers and amazing strict silhouette. All this leaves an unforgettable impression! It is interesting to know that Cologne Cathedral is one of the three tallest churches in the world, and not a single cathedral can compare with its spire! Landmark listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and receives about 6 million visitors per year.

Cable car in Cologne
This popular attraction has long been an integral part of any tour of the city. It was commissioned back in 1957, the monument became the first cable car in Europe for crossing the river. Over these 56 years, more than 16 million tourists have enjoyed beautiful views and spectacular views of Cologne. So take advantage of this great opportunity to diversify and revitalize your tour.

Cologne House 4711 – Cologne Tourist Attraction

Perhaps the most famous and popular store in the city is the House of Cologne 4711. The history of this monument goes far back to the beginning of the 18th century, when they started selling very fragrant water with a unique aroma in a house on Glokenshtrasse. Cologne was called “Eau de cologne”, which literally translates “Water of Cologne.” It is interesting to know that the name of cologne appeared thanks to the buyers, who called the odorous water by the number of the house where it was sold. Thus, the well-known brand “House of Cologne 4711” appeared.

District Rheinauhafen – Cologne
This attraction attracts tourists with its impeccable views and amazing opportunities. Here you will definitely not be bored, because at your disposal is a beautiful promenade with many attractive cafes, restaurants, galleries and other entertainment facilities. It is very popular especially at sunset. Also on the waterfront is a great 4-star hotel with amazing views of the River Rhine. Fans of modern art and architecture will be pleasantly surprised by high-tech residential and office buildings.

Chocolate Museum. Cologne Landmark

This memo will be loved by you and your children! It is located near the famous confectionery factory and is very popular among tourists. The museum is a real delight to all who first saw it. The thing is that he is on the island and very much resembles a real ship! As conceived by the architect, this form of construction should be more interesting and attractive to tourists. The Chocolate Museum in Cologne can please its visitors not only with an unusual shape, but also with stunning chocolate sculptures, free tasting and a demonstration of modern trends in chocolate business. Definitely, the attraction will appeal to both adults and children.

Cologne beer is a special attraction
A separate topic is local beer. Residents of Cologne are proud of their special recipe for making delicious and rich beer, whose name is Kölsch. It is interesting to know that the city is a monopolist in the production of beer according to this recipe. This decision was made in order to increase the flow of tourists. Therefore, we can safely say that beer here is loved and proud that their recipe for light, bitter, richly yellow beer is produced only in Cologne!

Cologne Landmark: Town Hall Square

This square is one of the most beautiful in the city. It is always full of tourists who love to be photographed against the backdrop of the lush old town hall. The town hall itself has a large, luxurious hall, where grandiose balls and celebrations were once held. Since then, only sculptures of prominent inhabitants of Cologne, who glorified the city and the country, have remained indestructible. Among the most popular personalities should be highlighted Karl Marx, who is very much loved here.

Church of St. Martin – the spiritual monument of Cologne
One of the most unusual sights of the city is the church of St. Martin. About here on the Rhine stood the Roman baths, and now stands a large Romanesque temple. Best of all, his power and beauty can be seen in the near panorama, of which there are a lot of people in Cologne!

The landmark has experienced a very difficult and tragic history. During the Second World War, the church was razed to the ground …. After the war, the city acquired a new architectural breath, in which the St. Martin’s church, restored in 1960, became a real highlight.

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